Societal Engineers of the New World: An Alternate Study of the Future

What is society? A society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same spatial or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Each region amongst Earth is different within political, economic and cultural expectations. Today, society as a functional and logical ideology has drifted away into an unsanctioned abyss and vanished itself from this plain of existence, as everything that is accepted as a value or ‘right’ is what leads to the downfall of this dying race. Humans have evolved from once mighty and progressive creatures within the food chains as something that has achieved great things to becoming lazy, attention-seeking and technological-deprived zombies that act entitled and offended to everything.

With numbed minds, freedom of speech is a dead concept amongst western democracies as everyone now gets their feelings hurt and act like it is the end of the world. Hence why safe spaces exist to disillusion those that they are ‘included’ as a society and they are to be protected. Sure, there are reasonable excuses for those who genuinely do need a safe space because of personal or other complex reasons, yet majority of society has jumped the crying bandwagon as being a victim is cool in today’s values. Thus, this demoralizes many individuals to be weak and useless in general.

No wonder previous generations hate millennials and Gen Z individuals, imagine most teens needing a safe space if they had to be within a dangerous situation and unable to solve problems like defusing a bomb on a bus full of people or being on a foreign battlefield with enemies bombing and firing at you from all directions. Or evenly, majority of those who are cowardly to defend their families in present and future times from someone breaking in the house armed with shotguns and automatics, all because of something a little bit triggering? Do you think society today would survive a gunfight if their life depended on it? Not all, but majority of society has lost their will to fight back, life will always be striving towards the ‘survival of the fittest’ and most would not survive if they had to fight to the death to live. At least that’s what we are all taught to believe in…

Yet however, 2020 has been one of the most prolific and darkest years for humanity to face this century. Many biblical-like occurrences have happened within the surfaces of this grid. Bushfires, wildfires, floods, plagues and apocalyptic occurrences alike. Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought, ‘is this real life or is this just a fantasy?’. Perhaps so, but it’s clear that everything that happens in 2020 has a significant purpose; yet it’s not what the media would position you to think though.

This year feels like an eternity by far and will continue to be something from a horror movie. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be the end, yet they deceive the masses into what will come this decade. In society, the sheep follow the wolfs in sheep’s clothing and truly remand themselves in their ‘model of life’. Everything you think, feel, act and idolize is just an illusion planted in your consciousness by the wolves and most blindly accept it. The illusion of freedom is a state of mind and a key tool in controlling masses into thinking with their ‘rights’ (more like privileges) as a means of obedience and control. ‘Rights’ act as privileges into rewarding the public to obey law and order as an effective approach to human nature, along with punishing those who disobey the system and made an example of amongst the people.

In the years leading up to 2020, an evil and totalitarian plan has been in the works to a system of globalization that will change absolutely everything as you know it within the 21st century. This plan so devious and cruel, almost everyone will blindly accept and praise the new system as they ‘bend the knee’ to their corporate masters.

The human consciousness has always been under oppressed control for many centuries now and will not stop until a true movement rises and conquers the wolfs in sheep’s clothing. PM’s, presidents and other political leaders are not the rulers of nations; they are mere puppets to the public’s naked eye. It is the elite-wealthy ‘1%’ that controls everything in the world. These include the economy, banks, businesses, assets, resources, oil, trade imports/exports. Everything is owned by these greedy pigs in power.

This ‘1%’ is a mere fraction of Earth’s wealthiest population. In what society is programmed to believe in, there are 3 classes amongst society that exist in this world being the Lower, Middle-and Upper Classes. Except that it is 1 of 9 classes that operate on this planet. The actual classes amongst Earth include:

1) Population Resources (the public, majority of society)

2) World Population Control (Religions, Governments, Media and Education)

3) World Resource Control (Corporations, Global Businesses and Franchises)

4) World Finance Control (Central Banks, Tax and Interest revenue companies)

5) ‘Think Tank/Round Table’ (United Nations, The Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, The Trilateral Commission & Council on Foreign Relations)

6) Powerful Sub Families

7) Committee of 300 World’s Most Powerful Sub-Families

8) Crown Council of 13 (World’s most powerful families)

9) Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family (Knights of the Garter)

Economics is a global scam inflicted amongst society. It is the act of deceiving the masses into thinking that currencies are ‘everything within life’ regardless of regions. The means of working as a debt slave to earn a wage and then using said wages to pay taxes in the form as a commitment to ‘improving’ society. The system’s ‘morality’ treats those as criminal scum and ‘heartless’ not to contribute into an illusion of ‘helping each other’ through taxation.

Money is just metal, paper and plastic used to materialize the efforts of urging the human mind to possess the mentality to ‘earn as much profit’ in life; along with acting amongst the commitment to sacrifice your life-potentials and life itself to earn that mere wage.

Politics is the false ideology of beliefs and values that position the sheep to conflict one another in belief of their biased realities are ‘god’s path to life’. Whereas you are labor or liberal democratic or republican; it is all the same thing. Essentially, the concept of political voting for a nation is just two rich puppets pretending to verbally fight each other for the cameras, in the illusion that both parties exist to support and fight for the public’s rights. Where really, they are the same evil and share common intentions to mislead sheep into an illusioned ‘freedom’.

Your votes do not matter, elections are always fixed and result in either of the two parties being ‘elected’. Political and social movements are all planted in society to further create tension and conflict amongst individuals to believe that they are morally fighting for ‘a good cause’. 2020 has created these false movements such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other groups that are all deceitful to the naked eye.

Here is a question for you, if these groups were truly about raising awareness and peacefully protesting their cultural and social issues; then why are they causing riots and civil unrest amongst global societies and further damaging everything as we know it? Because it’s a step further leading to the Great Reset of Society planned this decade. It is all set up through these chains of events and the people are the tool in acting out their devious plans, and the public is the progression tool to their ‘Grandmaster Plan’.

Psychological warfare refers to the tactical use of propaganda, threats amongst other techniques within both periods and threats of war alongside geopolitical unrest. The tactic is to misguide, intimidate, demoralize and influence the mindset/behaviors of an enemy. Such warfare employs propaganda to influence the values, beliefs, emotions, reasoning, motives and behavior of its targets. The enemies amongst such propaganda campaigns can include governments, political organizations, advocacy groups, military personnel, and civilian individuals.

Several techniques into implementing these techniques amongst society are through verbal/non-verbal communication, visual media (TV, Film, Video Games), audio (Radio, Music) and written texts (books, magazines, posters, leaflets). These effective techniques spread a clear and brainwashing message into the consciousness of enemies and provoke them through tactical fear and thought.

In what the public would tell you in certain areas of the world, the enemy could be the capitalists or the communists/socialists of the world. It is the public itself that is the true enemy to the controlling opposition of society. It’s happened for many years now with the Nazis, Soviets, Islamic Terrorists, the Chinese alongside many factions amongst the world. This is also considered ‘the race game’ by the elites as they pull a raffle-like number out to decided which race becomes a victim of oppression.

The oldest war known to humanity, disguised as a political and social justification amongst covering up their activities to the masses into believing they are on their side. This is only just the tip of the iceberg in their means of control. The chief weapon that provokes the masses into the long-planned ‘Great Reset’ is a tool called Ideological Subversion.

Ideological Subversion is a psychological warfare tool to alter people’s beliefs and their perception of reality. As an offensive tactic by hostile intelligence services, large quantities of misinformation and deception weapons against competing nations or political systems. This methodology invades people’s consciousness at a psychological level in the efforts to destabilize and undermine the entire ideological structure of a nation. The goal is the complete collapse of the target society.

Most commonly, this process was made known to the public from an ex-KGB agent named Yuri Bezmenov. He was originally a Soviet journalist and former PGU- KGB informant who later defected to Canada. During his time in the KGB, they assigned him to a station in India. Bezmenov eventually grew to love both the people and the culture of India. He began to resent the KGB-sanctioned repression of intellectuals who dissented from Moscow’s policies, and he decided to defect to the West. Today, Bezmenov is best remembered for his anti-communist lectures and books published in the 1980s.

In 1984, he gave an interview to G. Edward Griffin, titled ‘Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press’. In this interview, he explained the methods used by the KGB for the gradual Marxist subversion of the political system of not only the United States but also many parts of the world, including Australia. This interview is being banned across YouTube due to its material and was repopularised again, as recently clips were used in the teaser trailer for the video game ‘Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War’ (2020).

He stated in the interview that the: “main emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of intelligence at all. Only about 15% of time, money, and manpower is spent on espionage and such. The other 85% is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion or active measures … or psychological warfare.”

During the interview, he details in great length on the process of ideological subversion through 4 key phases in implementing active measures amongst the public. Although the common sheep would laughably argue that ‘it only happened in Soviet Russia and never in the lands of freedom’, you are horribly wrong. These steps include ‘Demoralization’, ‘Destabilization’, ‘Crisis’ and ‘Normalization’.

Bezmenov points out the first phase ‘Demoralization’ occurs for about 15–20 years, the time necessary to effect one generation to shape the public’s outlook, ideology, and personality. To program them to think a certain way and to react a certain way to stimuli. Essentially, it is population-wide brainwashing. Once an individual is demoralized, exposure to true or real information does not matter to them because they are unable to assess true information. They will refuse to believe it and thus blindly obey what a political puppet will tell them what they consider ‘true’. Areas heavily influenced under subversion would be religion, education, power structure, law and order alongside Labor relations.

To destroy religion, it must be ridiculed, and those will associate the wrongdoing of humanity within a religion towards the religion itself. Infiltrators into a religion would politicize and create Marxist interpretations of the religion. A prominent example of this is of a Marxist Theologian named Reinhold Niebuhr.

Reinhold politicized Christianity and added quotes such as “To the sensitive spirit, society must always remain something of a jungle… which might be brought a little closer to the Kingdom of God if only the sensitive could learn… how to use force in order to establish justice”.

He also quoted: “equality is a higher social goal than peace.” In modern-day cultures, this is seen within forms of Social Justice. This influence has played a large role within politics, particularly revolving around the abolishment of current religious testaments and creating new ones within accepted social values.

For education, academic subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, or foreign languages would be dismissed within an educational environment. Instead, you would distract the masses with meaningless courses. These courses include postcolonial theory, gender studies, queer theory, critical race theory, intersectional feminism, and fat studies. These are all examples of fringe movements that have been given momentum. These things are a distraction from what was considered traditional within educational curriculums and subvert a new worldview that is relativistic, ultimately causing mass ignorance. A population of people unable to discern reality is a population of people who can be controlled and influenced.

Therefore, these SJW movements are prominent now in not just media coverages but also in education. These are to subvert the public into believing of the ‘hundred genders’ that exist and forcing people to obey these new implementations placed amongst society and expected not to ask questions about it. This form of subversion is being introduced to children within kindergarten and primary schools. It is outrageous to think that the average child is only developing into the stage of childhood with knowing very little of the world, yet education and other institutes are already willing to demoralize children into choosing their own ‘gender preference’. Wherever if you are heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, etc; history is being rewritten without the masses knowing about and within the future, new generations of society will be convinced of the existence of over 2 genders. Thus, this form of control will continue to demoralize innocent children into social experiments to breed the madness into the consciousness of further generations with devious lies. So much for being ‘woke’.

Extending to this social life would be ruined as well. Tensions between families would cause not only being broken apart but also divided into questioning loyalty along with dependence on the state. This leads to further despair within people’s lives. A sense of urbanization would ultimately alienate society into an unhealthy culture of obese, lazy and unmotivated individuals whom their will of power is but a fragmented memory. This is seen prominently in the United States, Australia, the UK and other western democracies.

Power structures of a nation would in theory enable political puppets to gain extreme power amongst the people. Worthless of culpability whatsoever, the corporate media has an incredible amount of power. Every story you hear on the TV or Radio is chosen by them, as they promote their own telling of a narrative to create irrational fear and control amongst the sheep.

The same power allows for them to suppress those against it whilst also giving those in need of a voice. Deep state handlers such as the CIA, EPA, ASIO, MI6 along with congressional staff are examples that enforce said power and able to implement their own agendas. A question rings my mind. Did the public choose to have them operating on our turfs? I don’t remember the last time someone ever said that these were the good guys of society and that they solely protect ‘public interests.’

Law and Order is portrayed through the naked eye as incompetent and unintelligent. This can apply towards police, generals and other law enforcement individuals. They all are instructed to follow the orders from a higher mysterious power and expected not to question on the morality of their ordered tasks. As I stated before, this system promotes the ideology of false justice amongst society. The public is treated as evil and horrid people as ‘criminals’ are oppressed by the media, whilst the true criminals are treated as the “nice guys and gals that just really want to protect everyone, because they truly care and also get along as well” ( they don’t care at all). Furthermore, this creates mistrust amongst the public within this false sense of justice. Reflecting this, this should fuel the awakened individual’s minds into questioning the actions of those in power.

How about Hillary Clinton’s ‘Pizzagate’ emails where most of US Politicians including the Clintons, Obama, Trump, Joe Biden along with many more being involved within a child sex-trafficking and prostitution rings? Also extending to that, there involvement with Jeffrey Epstein and their names being on his plane log-list that is available for the publics viewing? Or even 9/11 in general? I could think of many more things to come up with, but that’s for another story.

The second phase of subversion is ‘Destabilization’. This phase occurs after a nation is demoralized, as then people are positioned within a confused state towards decisions of morality regarding right/wrong. Divisions of both good and evil benefit society into uncertainty where violence is caused to be for the sake of social justice.

The nation is then ready to be destabilized, as the goal is to destabilize all relations of approved institutions/organizations in the country of your enemy. All human relations are radicalized as then, resulting the people to no longer be able to settle their differences either peacefully or legitimately.

This stage lasts at about 2–5 years and processes society into forming growing antagonisms between individuals and groups, thus normal interactions would be deemed impossible. A perfect example of this would be Barack Obama’s presidency from 2008 going into the Trump Years in 2020 (Pre-COVID-19).

Many events had occurred since then such as the Boston Bombings, Charleston Church Shootings, Sandy Hook Massacre, Sydney Siege, Las Vegas shootings, and various terrorist attacks across Europe in France and the UK.

Alongside this, this era also saw the introduction of two left-wing Marxist/ Socialist groups Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa. Both groups have sparked political violence in the name of ‘false justice’. Prior to the 2016 US Election, a significant deterioration of relations regarding race sparked amongst the country, with riots breaking out. There were many occasions on police being found to being justified and misinformed on the account for the media to state people to riot. This type of violence is a symptom of destabilization.

Antifa itself justified acts of violence amongst other political factions, including Trump supporters. Since 2016 and even today, this stays very relevant to the fall of Capitalism amongst the United States. Many occasions during 2016 where there were rampant attacks amongst people. Examples include the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville caused by a white supremacist, the shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Also, their flag kind of looks like the Nazi flag if you inspect it. Both have same colours and logo structures being red, white and black.

Various more signs lead to demoralization being a success and occurring in the non-distant future. It is shocking to visualize people having to resort to uncalled for violence and feel justified for ‘doing the right thing’, as they are really a pawn in a bigger and twisted game of chess. All these events are false flag events that are planned by the 1% to further progress the masses into the ‘Great Reset’ plan and lead a country into further chaos.

The third phase is ‘Crisis’, in where this step involves a crisis created amongst the global theatre stage as it centralizes power and implements an increased socialized government. As of December 2020, we are currently in this phase and had begun in February-March 2020 with the COVID-19 Pandemic. The pandemic has collapsed civilization on the brink to a certain extinction into its economic collapse, rise of totalitarian states across the globe, increased digital surveillance and overall civil liberties being abolished gradually as time goes by.

This crisis has also shaped society to live amongst a paranoid and alienating existence. State/National Lockdowns with ‘Stay at Home’ orders, Social Distancing guidelines, restrictions on movement and social gatherings along with mandatory facemask wearing. This crisis has shifted the world to transform digitally into an Orwellian ‘COVID-Normal’ world. Things such as virtual office spaces, classrooms, domestic activities and other such things have altered in how humanity must push forward in their daily realities. Law tyrants are using the pandemic as an excuse to abolish civil liberties for people’s lives to live in a certain normality.

These liberties include suppressed freedom of speech/state of mind, totalitarian approach to obeying authority, restricted movement across the nation, surveillance and tracking your movements every second (going to restaurants, pubs/bars, travelling, grocery stores etc) and being forced into 14-day isolation. Essentially, ‘rights’ (privileges) have been revoked to a further restricted level, and the world has become a giant prison.

Another thing that is constantly ‘encouraged’ to the public is for everyone to get tested for COVID-19. Essentially, this process is that if you possess symptoms of the supposed virus; you are to go to a clinic/hospital and command yourself into a nose-swab test detecting the virus. There is a 50/50 chance of receiving a positive or negative result. If positive, you must self-isolate for 14 days and cannot leave the house whilst receiving a ‘friendly’ and totally not harassing visit from the police for compliance.

Now, mostly this test is complete bullshit. It is the most rigged test imaginably and does not test for the virus. The test is a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that identifies for DNA particles, not for a virus. This test uses reagents that extract a sample of RNA and an enzyme (reverse transcriptase) converts this RNA to a complementary DNA sequence. The DNA (primer) is then replicated countless times for the targeted DNA sequence can be detected when tested. The more this process is replicated, the more chance of detecting this sequence in a test.

Chromosome 8 (which is COVID-19) is detected and also not detected during the PCR test. This is because the PCR test sample (primer) is to be amplified. If it isn’t amplified enough times, the DNA sequence will not be identifiable and thus is the whole scam of COVID-19 tests. Basically, Chromosome 8 is within all human bodies and is the real factor that is being detected in COVID-19 tests, essentially all of us are the virus. The test also has a cut-off point for the number of amplifications that determine a positive/negative result. Therefore, there is a high percentage of false-positive results for COVID-19 and are described as asymptomatic, thus not having COVID-19.

Also, with the vaccine; how can they already produce a vaccine that is claimed to be ‘safe’ for public use where often vaccines take years to develop and to be deemed safe for public use? Bit fishy isn’t it? Mandatory vaccination being made amongst the world seems a bit far fetched to convince everyone to take it. Vaccine test recipients have died during these trials and they are covering it up without giving much detail at all to the masses, even more suspicious.

This explains why the governments around the world much propaganda in bus signs, tv ads and radio commercials for everyone to get tested. They want your DNA! And the United Nations has approved all tests to be implemented across the globe, do not fall for these lies.

Unsurprisingly, majority of individuals resist this oppression and give their blinded permissions to be pushed to the furthered limits amongst psychological torture. To support this, non-compliance will eventually lead to scarier consequences in the future for people being taken to proposed ‘quarantine camps’ for their own good, along with being forced into slavery. It is only a matter of time before the first person truly dies from non-compliance to the tyrants in power.

Suppressed freedom of speech is very imminent across many western societies now, as the pandemic enforces this Orwellian technique through Social Distancing. Another thing to note is that COVID-19 has divided individuals into snitches to enforce the social distancing guidelines. Hotlines and phone numbers exist for people to call the police on someone not following the rules. Sounds a bit like China or North Korea to you? Or even perhaps Nazi Germany in ways?

The fourth and final phase is ‘Normalization’. This is a period where ‘the new world’ is declared and new norms of society have been subverted into succession by society during the crisis period. Bezmenov explained that during this phase is when a subverted country either goes through civil warfare or is obligated into warfare against a foreign nation.

Basically, this phase will be the ‘COVID-Normal’ world. Once we all reach this phase, we are fucked. This will happen once the COVID-19 Vaccines will be rolled out into countries and at about 75–90% of a nation’s population is vaccinated/depopulated. This is where society will accept that these new rules amongst them are the new normal with police brutality, constant digital surveillance and amongst other restrictions will be accepted and that it’s ‘for their own good’. The world will be almost identical to George Orwell’s famous novel ‘1984’ (hence the term ‘Orwellian’) or even the 2005 film ‘V for Vendetta’ in how the society depicted in the film will parallel to ‘COVID-Normal’.

Now, Bezmenov mentions warfare will occur. What could happen that could relate to current events? Both possibilities of civil and foreign warfare are very likely at this stage and would not be surprised if this happens within this decade. In the United States, the current US elections have divided the people into two groups in either Biden or Trump supporters. Since there is much havoc across the nation, it is very likely a Second Civil War to break out and bloodshed will happen. Innocent people will die amongst the crossfire in this pointless war against each other. But it is obvious America will collapse as a superpower and another will take its place.

For other countries, it could follow into a similar trend. Australia, the UK and European countries are likely candidates to spark Civil Warfare in the nations. Australia’s situation in despite mainstream media depicting that we ‘are on top of tackling COVID-19’, it really means that we will be the first country to spark any form of change and conflict amongst its people and that people will be turned amongst each other.

Even in Victoria, after the “2nd wave” of COVID-19, it is now unofficially considered its own country after introducing Stage 4 restrictions. This with the 5km travel rule, mandatory facemasks, mass numbers of VP patrolling the streets, increased fear amongst VP along with Police Conformity and Brutality. Especially the ‘Ring of Steel’ introduced to border Melbourne from regional Victoria. It is another form of control to mess around with the people in the bid to the Great Reset. All these things happen for a purpose, as Victoria is the training grounds in Australia to test out additional sets of rules amongst people and getting ready for the New World Order. And not one person has actually done a thing to stop all of this aside from throwing up a few signs and shouts amongst the city (which protesting is useless against the system, it never has and never will work in any form whatsoever). Although restrictions have eased since then, wouldn’t it still raise alarms on crimes against humanity and a war on the public have been breached?

As for foreign warfare, World War 3 comes to mind. ‘A war in the making’ could be an appropriate observation in this circumstance. The supposed nuclear warfare that a cold war was fought for could lead to this very moment. An excuse for nations to finally unload their nuclear weapons to create that bittersweet ‘chemical winter’. Particularly with the situation with China and other western democracies making threats to each other, sparking either rumour or real warfare amongst each other.

There is no escape and no hiding in what is coming, the world won’t even have to blink to know that it invades all universal consciousness. Warfare and rumor's of warfare will be inflicted amongst the fear-mongering masses, and their fighting wills will be stripped to their core by the time warfare begins. Billions will die from what is coming in the name of depopulation and those who fall will either be a false victim remembered as a corporate sacrifice to a hoaxed warfare, or they will shunned upon the people for being too cowardly and weak to fight in the same warfare.

Blood will flow the desolate streets and bullets will land amongst the ground. The only thing you could do is to prepare is become fit and healthy, prepare yourself mentally amongst warfare, and be ready that you may not survive what is to come. Now is the perfect time to make amendments and do anything on your bucket list before the new dawn arrives. Once the Vaccines are deployed, this marks an end to the world as we know it.

So much has been discussed about what will happen soon, perhaps what about the other things out there? In detail who/what is the New World Order and all these rich elite groups that want to subvert our world as we know it. What are the stages of the New World Order?

Firstly, the New World Order is a secretive elite power with a globalist agenda conspiring to world domination through means of a one-world government. This replaces sovereign national countries and encompassing propaganda to promote the new government as a culmination of history’s progress. They are the ones that orchestrate significant political and financial events that range from systematic crisis’s to pushing through controversial policies within domestic and international levels, as a progression into achieving world domination.

It started in 1776, when Mayer Amschel Rothschild assembled twelve of his most influential friends into convincing them of combining their resources together as a means of global domination in Frankfurt, Germany. Later, Adam Weishaupt established a secret society called ‘Order of the Illuminati’. Thus, the New World Order was born into its effect and created 7 objectives to achieve this world domination. These objectives were:

1) Abolition of all ordered governments

2) Abolition of private property

3) Abolition of inheritance

4) Abolition of patriotism

5) Abolition of the family

6) Abolition of religion

7) Creation of a world government

In July 1872, The Order of the Illuminati joins forces with Freemasonry at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad. It is this day that truly shapes the world we live in today. Within centuries to come, there have been countless significant events and wars created by these groups to progress the masses into the New World Order. World War 1 and 2, Korean War, Vietnam, the Cold War, the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. I could go on and on, but I am pretty sure you can understand what I am getting at.

However, on January 16th, 1991, this day saw a speech given by former US President George H.W Bush. In this speech, he identified a ‘new opportunity’ into building the New World Order. He quoted “where the rule of law… governs the conduct of nations,” and “in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.”

To this day, this quote rings many bells amongst the minds of those rebellious against the system. In this age, this direct quote is public proof of the truth being hidden in plain sight. No hush-hush undertones, no sweet or relieving messages to keep the ‘sane’ person to feeling safe, these deceitful words are what they truly mean to that apocalyptic time to come.

Essentially as previously stated, Ideological Subversion is only part of the 1st step to progress society into this vicious and horrible string of staged events. There are 6 stages proposed for the New World Order.

These are:

1) Civil Unrest

2) Police Brutality and attacks against them

3) Urban Police warfare against the public

4) Creation of another crisis towards the new agenda amidst riots

5) Crash of the Economy

6) Suspension of Constitutions and declaration of Martial Law

The first stage involves causing ‘Civil Unrest’ amongst major cities within a nation. Months of subliminal programming via TV and other media is to condition the masses into preparation of civil war and other conflicts. Essentially, we are currently in this stage as we speak with COVID-19, the US riots amongst other events occurring worldwide and have almost reached an end to this stage. We are currently on the brink to advancing into Stage 2 of the New World Order.

The second stage is to be over this holiday period between end of 2020 into early 2021. Agents amongst the conspiracy will disguise themselves as police and begin to open fire on people in the effort of them turning the public against real police. Further chaos will be caused in the means of defending constitutions and their rights. This is the stage that truly begins bloodshed between the people and the authorities amidst the rioting. Eventually, authorities will not be able to handle said riots and must resort to an upper level of assistance beyond their constitution to ‘uphold the peace’.

The third stage involves riots continuing as many more people lose their lives amidst these conflicts, the Globalist plans are in full effect as the U.N is ushered with their “Peace Keeping Force”. This is where the U.N and other international forces are introduced to maintain the public into full throttle when enforcing the globalist agenda. This step will be the crucial step into globalist take over and removing any threats against the agenda, essentially depopulation and mass murder will take place.

The fourth stage is another crisis implemented by the agenda. This new crisis will be an act of desperation to bring out the NWO takeover of countries across the globe using U.N forces and mercenaries will be assisted amongst the implementation of this stage. The public will have been weakened amongst the chaos and finally ‘bend the knee’ to the globalists in the means of ‘false peace’.

The fifth stage will see the collapse of the economy as we know it. Current economic systems across all nations will cease of action and ultimately reset. Everything will collapse as we know it. This will result in mass poverty, famines, plagues etc.

The sixth and final stage involves suspending Constitutions of all nations. Every nation will succumb and completely transform into a fascist state. This is pretty much already happening in Australia, as the country has gone Orwellian in laws and state of mind (particularly Victoria). Yet the United States will see its citizens being disarmed of their 2nd amendment and their constitution being suspended as they will turn into slaves of the system.

Ultimately once all 6 stages have proceeded, a new agreement will come into effect that will shape a new global constitution (one-world government). The U.N has created new development goals to happen throughout this century and is dubbed as ‘Agenda 30’. The U.N has 17 goals to accomplish once it is implemented amongst society and will further oppress the people by:

1) ‘End poverty in all its forms everywhere’ (Centralized banks and World Banks to control all finances)

2) ‘End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture’ (Using GMO crops, which are toxic/unhealthy)

3) “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages (Mass Vaccination and Codex Alimentarius)

4) ‘Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’ (UN Propaganda and brainwashing via mandatory education)

5) ‘Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls’ (Population Control via ‘Family Planning’ and Gender Conversion)

6) ‘Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all’ (Privatizing all water sources with added fluoride, reducing IQ levels)

7) ‘Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all’ (Installing smart grids with smart meters on everything alongside peak pricing, ultimately increasing cost of energy levels)

8) ‘Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all’ (Trans-Pacific partnership aka ’TPP’, free trade zones favouring megacorporate interests and not others)

9) ‘Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation’ (Removing free travel, stricter public transport, increased toll roads along with industrialization and foster innovations)

10) ‘Reduce inequality within and among countries’ (Increased regional government bureaucracies nationwide)

11) ‘Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable’ (Big brother state, heavy surveillance amongst the public)

12) ‘Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns’ (Forced austerity)

13) ‘Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts’ (Cap and Trade, footprint taxes, carbon taxes and credits)

14) ‘Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development’ (Environmental Restrictions, controlling all oceans regarding mineral rights from global ocean floors)

15) ‘Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss’ (Increased restrictions on the environment along with controlling mineral and resource rights)

16) ‘Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels’ (Suspension of 2nd amendment in the US, Increased U.N ‘peacekeeping’ missions and more chaos amongst society)

17) ‘Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development’ (Abolishment of national sovereignty worldwide)

These goals will be developed overtime once the NWO is in full effect, the masses will deceitfully subvert into these changes and accept them ‘for their own good’.


Regardless of what system you live under in either Capitalism, Communism or other systems; it does not matter. If there is a form of both hidden oppression and fear planted amongst the masses, you will blindly obey everything that is in front of your eyes. The sad thing about humanity is that most do not possess the willpower to stop it. You are not free and shall never be. Yet, when everyone begins to realize on what has been happening all this time, it will be far too late and you will forever be a enslaved prisoner to a twisted and evil corporate monopoly.


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